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Más cerca de 8.1: Siete motivos por los que Windows tiene una buena oportunidad esta Navidad   Leave a comment

Difoosion: Siete motivos por los que Windows tiene una buena oportunidad esta Navidad.

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Prominent educational associations join to advance open education around the world   Leave a comment

Empiezan a abrir los ojos y sumarse, de forma decidida, a la Educación Abierta.

Open Matters

Agreements unite institutions to promote access and innovation in global higher education.

NEWTON, MA and SALVADOR, BRAZIL – The leaders of two important educational associations met today to sign an agreement to promote open access and innovation in higher education. This agreement brings together the OpenCourseWare Consortium’s global membership with that of ABED, the Brazilian Association of Distance Learning, to jointly promote open education and its impact on teaching and learning worldwide. This agreement marks a significant step in the advancement of open education efforts around the globe.

“ABED’s mission has long been to increase access to education for Brazilians, and we see this agreement as an important step to opening up education on a global scale,” said Fred Litto, President of ABED. “Further, uniting institutions and organizations in support of openly sharing educational resources allows for more rapid development of innovative materials and practices.”

Open Education refers to…

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